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Alutex 2000 S.A.L is a Lebanese based company located in the middle of the Bekaa valley, situated in the Industrial City of Zahle around 50 km east of Beirut, the Capital of Lebanon. Our plant is logistically located to meet customers' need and expectations in terms of delivery of the finished products, and facilities of distribution channels.
Wide Variety of Profiles


A Lebanese Company
Aluminum technology Extrusion Alutex 2000 S.A.L is a company specializing in the production of Aluminum profiles of various shapes and dimensions, beginning with the process of extrusion, followed by either anodizing, powder coating or wood effect surface finishing, depending on the production specifications of the particular aluminum profiles.


Currently, we serve a significant proportion of the local market of aluminum profile demands, our finished products are well known in the neighboring Arab Countries, international distant countries, wide African market, and some European and Far East countries. The aluminum profiles produced by Alutex 2000 S.A.L are versatile in terms of shape and utility. Our profiles are used in a wide spectrum of applications ranging from standard profiles, building and architectural materials such as doors, sliding doors. Decorative and furniture purposes, fences, frames, grills, air conditioning and heating elements, accessories going to more complex utilities, are dependent on your customers' demands.
Alutex 2000 S.A.L products conform to European, British & Lebanese standard norms. LIBNOR regular checks and inspections are made by the Lebanese industrial research institution IRI of which we are proud to be granted it's certificate that ensures the best quality products for our customers. Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction by producing premium quality products through the utilization of a qualified and international work force. top quality raw materials are used together with our competitive prices, we are expanding and enlarging our production capacity, and penetrating new markets worldwide.


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