Following extrusion, the aluminum profiles which are cut according to specified lengths are loaded into an aging furnace and left for an interval range of time, so that the newly produced aluminum profiles may acquire the property of structural hardness following extrusion. The temperatures applied to the aluminum profiles and the time interval for aging varies according to the type of the profile in question. Aging is followed by series of quality control inspections.

Quality Products



The process of extrusion is this crux of the aluminum profile production process. During this process raw material billets are transformed into the desired aluminum profiles, the combined action of heat and force within the extrusion press, dictate the dynamic flow of aluminum, through the die, producing a specified profile.


Our plant is equipped with a 1650 ton press and a second press of 1880 ton (brand new) ,with a capacity of 25 tons extrusion daily, producing high quality aluminum profiles having innumerable shapes and dimensions.
Our range includes building systems, for blth internal and external, industrial, furnishings, transport and mechanical industries.

Quality specifications in Alutex meet local and international standards such as LIBNOR (Lebanese norm) ,DIN (GERMAN norm) BS ( BRITISH standards).In order to meet the highest quality finish, Alutex uses only the highest quality billet, from the international market.


International Standards