In addition to the formation of a protective film, a wide range of colors and shades can be obtained through the process of Electro-color, which is started above: To ensure the product quality, the following test and checks are carried out throughout the process daily and periodically.
Anodic Coat
Color Catalogue


Wide Range of Colors
Anodizing is an Electro-Chemical process used to create a productive film up to 30 ums of aluminum oxide on the surface of an aluminum profile. This gives the metal a high degree of resistance against corrosion and an attractive finish in a wide range of colors.


A- surface finish: The whole surface of extrusions is checked to ensure that the surface is free from mechanical and metallurgical defects. B-Coat thickness: Anodic coat thickness on all surfaces is checked by an Eddy current instrument (Iso-scope). C-Color Variations: The color variations of Alutex products are controlled within a close range of Alutex's own prepared samples.
D-Sealing Quality: A sealing (Stability) test is done by measuring samples throughout the process. E-the effect of sunlight, heat, salt and atmospheric conditions: Our process meets local and international standards. This is periodically confirmed by having our product samples consequently checked in European Laboratories.


International Standards